Aero Laboratories is currently developing software algorithms that post process collected aerial images to perform classification and identification of particular entities or anomalies within the tracked field.  Using advanced image processing and machine-learning algorithms, Aero Labs automates the inspection process and generates reports that notify areas in need of action or further inspection. With timely and efficient UVMS, Aero Labs will be able to bring automated asset management full circle.

Aerial Imaging from uavs is big data. current methods of data acquisition and analysis from aerial images is laborious and requires trained professionals 


We identify and extract what is important, COMPLETING the process of automation and maximizing uav capabilities. Using intelligent navigation and advanced image processing, we make large scale INSPECTIONS and surveying simple and PRACTICAL.  

Aero Laboratories provides you with software that will eliminate human error and fully automate the process of filtering out useful content with our advanced learning AI system. We make life easier for you by helping you save precious time, money, and resources.